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The Evergreen Freebie Funnel Checklist

Not sure how to get your freebie in the hands of your dream buyer? Want more downloads?

I Have a Freebie. Now What?

Creating freebie funnels can be overwhelming, and it can be even more frustrating when you aren’t a marketer. We all want marketing funnels that are easy to create and attract clients or customers, but we don’t always have a clear idea of where to start or how to go about creating them.

What’s Included:

Your Path to Successfully Create Your Next Freebie Funnel Step By Step

Our freebie funnel checklist is the answer! This free download will help you to create your freebie funnel from scratch in just 4 steps.

This Freebie Funnel Checklist Will Save You Hours of Time

In this checklist you’ll get the step by step guide

  • Know what to include in your freebie so your ideal customer or client can’t say no
  • Have the right hook on your landing page so they want more
  • Discover what to write in your emails to prepare them to buy
  • Setup your sales page to get buyers 

Create your evergreen freebie funnel with simplicity, grace and ease. 

Get The Freebie Funnel Checklist

You’ll get clarity on what steps to take to create your freebie funnel so you can stop pulling your hair out with overwhelm when trying to figure out what comes next. Get your free copy of the freebie funnel checklist that makes it easy to create a freebie funnel from scratch.

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Keira StiltnerGraphic Designer
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I got clarity on my brand messaging and how to better utilize my platforms like my website to draw in my potential clients!
Laurenne CwynarWellness Coach for Chronic Illnesses
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I was given a higher level of clarity and extremely helpful guidance on website design. Rose is extremely personable, knowledgeable, professional and a very kind soul.